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VETERANS DAY WAS MAGICAL due to Sam Medina & Carla Seneca Screening of "22-The Unforgotten Soldier"

I felt so unworthy as I sat amongst true hero soldiers from multiple generations.

This film is “real”.

Sam’s incredible performance was real!

No fluff or exaggerated Hollywood effects.

No fake gun play or explosions.

All was authentic.

Just truth in its organic form.

Sitting behind veterans and watching their reactions to this film warmed and tore at my heart.

First let me explain that many women in my family are empaths so we literally feel what others feel. This is why we often avoid funerals and large sad gatherings and memorials.

It didn’t dawn on me that I’d be sitting amongst wounded warriors. Although it was painful I do not regret it. It’s a pain I needed to feel to understand them best.

There were moments in the film that I could clearly tell brought back sensitive memory for each of the veterans.

In observance how true brotherhood works, each time one of the warriors was triggered the other soldiers in the audience knew and reached out and embraced him.

This happened multiple times during the film with different soldiers. Each time the others reacted as soldiers do…they sprung to action to aid the one in pain. All through the film there were embraces, held hands, forehead on forehead reassurances, back rubs, hands on heads, kissed cheeks and wiped tears. They got through this together.

Real veterans were the cast.

Real honest to glory heroes.

They cast real veterans.

Although there were many touching parts in the film that cause tears, nothing could match the emotion I felt watching these young wounded veterans care for each other right there in front of me.

I cried my eyes out overwhelmed with their love and pain.

For just a short period of time I was gifted with the truth and feeling of a soldiers love for his comrades.

What Sam and Carla did with this film is to show one soldiers experience in reality.

And what happens to the audience when watching this is nothing short of miraculous.

Those who are not military come away knowing more and having more understanding and respect.

Those who are military hopefully come away feeling more connected to the masses of others going through exactly or similar, what they are going through.

Watching from a back row and seeing soldiers in front of me react convinced me of how important this film is.

The film is a conduit of hope for veterans who feel forsaken and alone.

They are not broken beyond repair.

They just need to be around others like themselves to gain strength from each other.

Remember the scene in Avatar where all of the Na’vi got together around the Vitraya Ramunong or Tree of Souls and linked arms to give strength to heal one of their injured?

This film and the healing reaction I saw of the audience reminded me of that tree.

22 The Unforgotten Soldier brings together energy from all other warriors. Even the most battered become superhuman to save their brothers.

It’s okay to speak out for help in destroying the demons you brought home with you.

Your brethren want to help you.

You are still brave.

You are still a warrior.

It’s necessary for you to seek help so you can continue your mission on this planet of saving souls.

The first step is to realize its okay to ask for help.

Your fight is not over.

I will never forget this night.

This journey to bring awareness is a responsibility we all should share.

All of the soldiers I had the pleasure to meet and mingle with on Veterans Day gave me strength of purpose. Their example and undying energy will stay with me always.

I often say in this life: “We are all born to be superheroes, victims, villains or bystanders” …which one will you be.

It’s time to make a difference.

Open your hearts.

Open your eyes.


Be there now for those who have been there for you.

Dawn Landrum - Talent Agent at Landrum Arts

Dawn Landrum - Talent Agent at Landrum Arts

Landrum Arts LA aka Landrum Talent aka LALA was established in 2005 with a family of professional agents originating from both California and the Southeast.

Landrum based in Shreveport Louisiana due to location necessity central to the United States as well as logistics logic due to the way the state of Louisiana is set up as a “right to work” state. Agents based in Louisiana are permitted to pitch/submit and book actors in any other state/location without radius limit boundary. This freedom opens the market and Landrum books Talent in all states from Los Angeles to New York and all states in between.

This makes Landrum a one stop shop.

Landrum works diligently to educate Talent with consistency to maintain a uniform professionalism. Reputation, work ethic, respect, and quality is very important to us and we like to believe that this is the heart of our success.

We work to create an environment that connects both coasts as well as bridges the gap between Talent and Casting. Landrum grooms clients to work hard, know the business, and discover their individual strengths to enhance them. We encourage Talent to mirror efforts of professionalism and work ethic all while maintaining a polite and friendly persona.

Landrum sees unique qualities in all people without prejudice. It is our privilege when we can help people of all ages, heritages, beliefs, and walks of life to realize their own incredible potential and how to find it.


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